groupBy(), sortRows() and cells2()

I try the follow:
mygrid.groupBy(1); // any column
mygrid.sortRows(5,‘str’, ‘des’); // different sort then actualy showing, same problem if User clicks header to sort…
mygrid.cells2(1,5).getValue(); // <<-- get a different Value than shown in Row #1 it shows the value from before sorting…

Is this is Bug or must I do any refresh?

This is the expected behavior.
cells2() method uses the rowId in the first parameter. so it show the value for the row with the id=“1”. It is not depending on this row position for the row indexes please, try to use the cellByIndex() method: … index.html

Thats true, thanks.
But if I do this.

  1. Group a Grid
  2. Sort the Grid
  3. Block Selection


If I select in all cases a block over 4 lines, I only sort the grid by different columns.
Then I get sometimes a area over 10 (TopRow: 30 BottomRow:40)
also I get sometimes (TopRow: 40 BottomRow:30)
Sometimes I get only 3 Lines
But I select 4.

The first an the last row is the same then the first and the last selected if I get them with:
mygrid.cellByIndex(RowCnt, ColCnt).getValue();