GroupBy with ColType cntr

Dear All,

I am using the grid with a column 0 of coltype ‘cntr’, and groupBy.
When sorting by a different column, the cntr is not preserved as with ungrouped, where it is.

Is it possible to have the cntr column having the rows not including the grouped row
i tried my own custom excell type, based on the cntr coltype

this.setValue = function(val){ = “2px”;
var cell=this.cell;
val = this.grid.rowsCol.length + 1;
cell.innerHTML = val;
if (!cell.parentNode) return;
var val=cell.parentNode.rowIndex;
if (cell.parentNode.grid.currentPage || val<0 || cell.parentNode.grid._srnd) val=cell.parentNode.grid.rowsBuffer._dhx_find(cell.parentNode)+1;
if (val<=0) return;
cell.innerHTML = val;
if (cell.parentNode.grid._fake && cell._cellIndex<cell.parentNode.grid._fake._cCount && cell.parentNode.grid._fake.rowsAr[cell.parentNode.idd]) cell.parentNode.grid._fake.cells(cell.parentNode.idd,cell._cellIndex).setCValue(val);

this worked, but again did not work after sorting.
I hope this is clear.

Best regards


Please, clarify the expected behavior.
If you need the straight counter for all the rows in the grid - such customization is available.
But you if you need a separate counter for each group in the grid - such feature is not available.