after groupby i want to show for each group how much percentage contributing from all groups

ex :

- Name 1 (3) 60%

row 1

row 2

row 3

- Name 2 (2) 40%

row 4

row 5

how can i show each group percentage ?


var total=mygrid.getRowsNum();

var percent=Math.round((count*100)/total);

return name+"(" +count+ “)”+percent+"%";


thank you so much for your quick reply.

but in my case percentage calculation is like…

i am calculating totals for each group.

take one particular column for ex column1

group1 row : (total of column1 for group1 / whole total of column1) * 100

group2 row : (total of column1 for group2 / whole total of column1) * 100

All columns in grid have equal number of rows. In the customGroupFormat function “count” attribute means how much rows is in the particular group.