Grouped row background color

I need to change the background color of the grouped row when selecting a row inside that group.
How this can be done?

Also, I need to set a tooltip text to the grouped row when it is collapsed and another tooltip text when the grouped row is expanded

Unfortunately such features are not available.

In my case, I had to change dhtmlx.js file.

You can find

dhtmlXGridObject.prototype.groupBy=function(m,g) {

and you have to change

dhtmlXGridObject.prototype.groupBy=function(m,g,bg) {

and then down some line, You can find


You have to insert belong the code


Finally, You have to change your code to use groupBy function.
Add last argument, any color you like.
You already know, 1,2nd arguments are in my case.

mygrid.groupBy(3, [’’,’#title’,’#cspan’,’#cspan’,’#stat_total’,’’,’#cspan’], ‘gray’);