Grouping on column 0

Hi chaps,

Was the following ever resolved: … mal&q=9146

I am having similar problems with grouping on column 0.


This issue was fixed at the latest version of dhtmlxGrid.

I am using v2.5 build 090904 and I am still having issues:

If I group by column 0 and column 0 is hidden I do not see the group headings.

In fact, if I group by any column and there are no visible columns before it, then the group headings are not visible.


To groups rows by 0 column if this column is hidden you can use following code:

This method did not work for me.

I am not using enableSmartRendering, enablePaging or enableDistributedParsing.

The group heading still does not appear.

Please contact and provide you ref. ID and we will send you working example