Grouping problem at client side

I found that its taking 5-6 seconds to execute groupBy() function for 75 records. Will it be possible to reduce that time to 1-2 seconds/less? Please help me… I want to avoid server side grouping!!

Unfortunately there are no any ways to increase the performance of grouping functionality, as it requires loading and initialization of all data and is incompatible with any performance increasing techniques.
But 5-6 seconds is a quiet long delay. Please, make sure that your grid loads much faster without enabled grouping.

yes, the grid is loading much faster without grouping… I am using DHTMLXdatastore to store the data. I am synchronizing its data with the grid to populate the grid. I dont understand why grouping function is taking such a large time! For 2000 records, its taking a lot of time (more than 5 minutes). I am stuck because of the time performance…:frowning:

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.
Loading and groupping the data to the grid (100 rows, ~30kB of data) takes nearly 2 seconds for us.
If issue still occurs - please, open ticket at and provide a complete demo where the issue can be reconstructed.

Ok Thanks a lot for the information! Suppose if I want to go for server side grouping, then how can I implement expand and collapse feature with (+/-) symbols on the client side please let me know.

Couldn’t you clarify how do you implement to perform server-side groupping?