grouplist and select of items with subitems


we are using grouplist as a replacement of tree. That works good, the only thing I observed that it isn’t possible to select an item with subitems (It doesn’t change the color and dosn’t fire the onAfterSelect event).

Is this a desired behaviour o a bug?

Thanks in advance

You can’t select the group-item by clicking on it, because by default clicking will open that level.
But in same time something like next

$$('mylist').select("group 02")

will select any item, including “parent” one.

The second part of problem - parent items was not purposed for selection, so they just has not styles for selected state, which why they do not change color in selected state

You can define custom css classes for

.dhx_list_group_selected{ ... } .dhx_list_group_back_selected{ ... }