grouplist update() behavior


i’m using the method update() for the grouplist api and noticed that i have to include all the properties like this:

$$("mylist").update(id,{ "id", "type":item.type, "Name": hausname, "$parent":item.$parent, "$level":item.$level, "$count":item.$count, "$selected":item.$selected, "$template":item.$template });

in this case i just need to update the “Name” property but if i dont include the other ones they disappear.

Is that the desired behaviour or is a bug?

Thank you

If you want to update single property you can use

$$("mylist").item(id).Name = "new value"; $$("mylist").refresh(id);

As for “update” behavior - its current behavior is expected, but really is not very usefull.
We will consider changing it to “merge-new-preserve-old” behavior.