Grouplist using a JSON String

I have seen the article regarding JSON strings and interacting with Grouplists, my question is whether or not the JSON is REQUIRED to be in the format:

“{id:“group1”, type:“folder”, title:“pop”, item:[
{id:“sub_group1”, type:“folder”, title:“ABBA”, item:[
{id:“1_1_1”, type:“file”, name:“Arrival”},
{id:“1_1_2”, type:“file”, name:“Ring Ring”}]
{id:“1_2”, type:“file”, name:“Backstreet Boys”}
]}…” etc.

Do the id fields have to be named “group#” and “sub_group#”?

If anyone can assist me with this, I’ll try and clarify.

I have a large JSON with data as follows:

{ "id": "group10", "Count": 76, "ProgramTitle": "How I Met Your Mother", "isShow": true, "RecordingDefinition": "4eb49586-0006-46e2-8d48-fcf421993400", "EpisodeList": [{ "id": "10_1", "EpisodeTitle": "Benefits", "EpisodeDesc": "Robin and Ted discover they get along better as roommates if they become friends with benefits; reality stars taunt Marshall from the pages of his magazine.", "EpgID": "47aa389e-381a-44a0-82d2-bfbf29a45041", "ChannelNum": 818, "StartTime": "\/Date(1307052000000)\/", "EndTime": "\/Date(1307053800000)\/", "RecordingProgram": "bce29cbe-24a2-4350-9356-46b67ab15674", "RecordingEvent": "f8059298-6809-4d25-9315-03815cb249dc" }

Etc… etc…

However I cannot get the results I’m looking for when I try format like so:

{id:'completedList', view:'grouplist', type: { templateItem: "#EpisodeTitle#", templateGroup:"#ProgramTitle#", templateBack:"#ProgramTitle#" etc.

No matter what, my Items are the only thing that show up and since the data seems unreachable, I don’t see anything anyways. Please help.

I resolved my own problem. The embedded items must have a name of “item”. I was naming them “Episode” and the grouplist was not picking up on it.