Groups swimlane

Is there any way to drag several figures into a “group” or a “swimlane” at the same time? Several figures can be selected and dragged together. However, only one figure out of several dragged figures is bound to a group/swimlane
What event is triggered when a piece is thrown (dragged) into a group/swimlane?
By default, the header of a group is not visible or editable. However, if it is defined in the json and imported, the header will be visible but not editable. How to make it editable?
How can I make the group header be displayed by default?
I add a group to the diagram as shown on the screenshot.



Unfortunately currently the editor group cannot work with the multiselection. We know about that limitation and we’ll try to extend this functionality in one of the future updates.
I’ll inform you about any progress on this issue.

You may try to use the change event of the data collection to detect this action:

You can doubleclick the header to edit its label.

Could you please, clarify your issue with some snippet or a video demonstrating the issue?
Header is displaying well here: