H1,H2,H3,H4 formating frozen in dhtmlxEditor


Very nice looking set of products in the dhtmlx suite. Well done!

As posted in several places in this knowledgebase the H1,H2,H3, and H4 formating in dhtmlxEditor cannot be undone. I see that the last knowledgebase entry for this problem was Oct. 16, 2008, almost a year ago. This is a significant problem. Has there been any work-around or resolution? I am just now beginning to use the dhtmlx products, but can’t use the editor if my clients can’t undo a mistakenly formated selection.



unfortunately, there is still no functionality that allows to undo H1,H2,H3 abd H4 formatting.


Are there any changes since then?


no, there is still not undo for H formatting.