'HandheldFriendly' meta tag and textarea

When the meta tag is set like so

and you have 2 textareas in a form using a 3.1 Android Xoom the textarea will loose focus as soon as you select it. Note this is only the second textarea in the form.

Okay so I am not sure what it is. Just proved it wasnt the handhelf friendly tag. I thought i had it narrowed down. But check and see if you can recreate it. I think it is just two textareas in a form.

Unfortunately we can’t reconstruct the same issue locally.
Can you provide a sample of page, where problem can be reconstructed?

Very weird issue. Using the FullScreen() function fixes the issue thats what I will have to do for now. I know something in the head is causing it because when i remove the whole head the problem is gone. But when trying to eliminate one by one I can not find the culprit.