Handle custom xml during tree autoloading.



We are using dhtmlxsuite 4.0.3 professional edition in our project.

We wrote below piece of code for displaying tree dynamically.

ohpvm=new dhtmlXTreeObject("hpvM","100%","98%",0); ohpvm.setSkin("dhx_terrace"); ohpvm.setXMLAutoLoading("/XMII/Runner?Transaction=vaccinesmii/ADMIN/Transactions/Application_Index_Tree_Tranx&OutputParameter=p_xml_output&username="+userName); ohpvm.loadXML("/XMII/Runner?Transaction=vaccinesmii/ADMIN/Transactions/Application_Index_Tree_Tranx&OutputParameter=p_xml_output&id=0&username="+userName);

The issue I am facing is the url returns the tree xml enveloped within another xml.
Unfortunately we do not have control over removing the unwanted nodes.
But we always have valid dhtmlxtree xml(in encoded format) inside p_xml_output node. Is there a way to modify the library to pick the valid xml from this node?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Ravi Kumar


Unfortunately the usage of the custom loading formats is not supported in the dhtmlxTree.
The only solution is a customization of the dhtmlxTree source code.