Handling both Click and DblClick Events

I’m trying to add the ability on the Calendar such that when I single click, I am redirected to the Detail page where I display the details for the day. This seems to work fine.

I also want the ability to then allow Double Click to Edit the event. However, I’m in a tough spot because it looks like I can only let one work and not the other.

If I double click, it does fire the edit mode, but immediately also fires the Single click handler which redirects to the new page.

Is there a way to allow customizations for both? Or do I have to try something else here?

Thank You,

when you do the double click, events get called in the next order
2)double click
to separate this events, you may call the click handler with some delay, delay is needed to check if double-click event has been called.
onClick handler may look like this

setTimeout(function(){ if(scheduler._dblClickFired){ scheduler._dblClickFired = false; //if it's double-click, just drop the flag and return }else{ //real handler } }, 100)
and the onDblClick handler should set some flag, indicating that event has fired

scheduler._dblClickFired = true;
return true;