handling multiple 1-n relationships in grid row


my grid uses one db table to load the data. reach row in the grid has multiple 1-n relationships.
imagine that the grid displays products. each product has many features, specifications, …
I am trying to find the best way to make all this data editable in the grid.

I have 2 ideas:

1: Load the 1-n related data in a sub-grid. Can I have multiple sub grids for the different 1-n related data though?

2: Use sub-row and build a custom HTML table/form for each related data. I think that this will bring the problem that I will not be able to use the ‘undo’-‘redo’ feature of dhtmlx grid for the custom input fields in the sub-row.

Did anyone here solve this problem already? Any tips are welcome.

thank you


we would recommend to use either grid with subgrids (there can be one subgrid in a row, subgrids can be different) or treegrid ( dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … index.html )