Have full/multi day events display as normal events?


I was not able to find any info on this: I am using Scheduler in Unit view only. I want to allow full-day and multi-day events. But I don’t want to use the multi-day bar at the top. I want the event to show as a normal event and just fill the entire day. Is this easily achievable?


If you will set event as starting from 0:00 and ending at 23:59 of the same day - it will be shown as a normal event.

Event which starts in one day and ends in another one - will not render “as normal event” in any case.

If you want to alter logic - you can try to redefine scheduler.is_one_day_event event method, which receives event object and returns how it must be rendered ( true - for normal events )

Hi Stanislav,

We are in a similar situation. We use the scheduler timeline view to use this as a roster to schedule employees, and we show 1 week at a time (7 days). Now if a ‘shift’ (event) ends after 23:59 it shows on the next day as well. Technically this is correct, but it is confusing for our users because they still see it as a shift from the startday.

Can you give me more information on how to redefine that is_one_day_event event? Any help in the right direction is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I found this topic: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=22334

Does that mean there is a native solution by now?

There is a new extension, that allows to show multi-day events in the same way as normal events for week and day views.

docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sample … sible.html

docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … onfig.html

Hi Stanislav,

Thanks for the reply. Does this apply to timeline view too?

Nope, it works for week and day views only.
In timeline view all events ( multiday and single day ) are rendered in the same view.

Is there any other solution or workaround to achieve this on timeline view?

Stanislav can you check my previous post?

I’m not quite sure, how do you want it to look in the timeline view.
Currently, in timeline view all events rendered in the same way ( timed and multi-day )

If you want to show events in the different way - please share some sketch.

Here is a sample: screencast.com/t/XeXX5Xd9C

The ‘good’ sample has an endtime of 17h so is only shown on the Wed column. The ‘bad’ sample has an endtime of ‘01:00’. Therefore it is also shown on Thursday. From a calendar point of view this is correct behaviour, but as I explained in my original post this does result in confusion for our users. Because its still considered a shift for wednesday. So what we need is that no matter what endtime the user enters, its only drawn on Wednesday column in scheduler.

Does my previous post clarify my request? Please let me know the possibilities.

There is no way to change the logic of timeline view in the such way.
If you show this data only in readonly mode, you can add a logic that will change dates to fake ones, that is necessary in your case. Text with real time can be taken from separate properties.

Hi Stanislav,

It turns out we need this functionality but are not in read-only mode. Can you contact me through PM to discuss a solution for this as a paid customisation?