Having problem with tree datatype in dhtmlxtreegrid


I�m developing an application such that on pressing the down arrow key the selection goes to the cell below the current selected cell and makes it editable. For E.g. Suppose I�m in the 3rd row 4th column.

On pressing the down arrow key I need to go to 4th row 4th column and make that cell (4,4) editable. Here 4th column is of Tree data type. I used the following Code for implementation

function onKeyPressed(code, ctrl, shift)

if(code == 40)






return false ;


I�m able to get the selection editable all the columns apart from the tree data type column where the Cell gets selected but is not editable.

If I press Escape and then perform the same operation after making the edit mode of the current selection, then the next cell becomes editable.

Note: I�m getting the error only for Tree data type column not for other columns.

I recreated same situation locally - it works for me without problems. Maybe problem related to some other functionality attached for grid ( for example onEdit event can block edit operation )
If you provide any kind of email or contact directly at dhtmlx@scand.com I can send you a sample where your functionality works.