Header and grid data align issue when tab key is pressed

We would be having more than 30 columns to display on dashboard along with text box to search the grid data displayed on dashboard. below is the code snippet

mygrid.setHeader(“header1, header2, headers goes here…”);
mygrid.attachHeader(“textbox1,textbox2,textbox goes here”,“text-align:center”);
mygrid.parse(“actual data to render”);

Attached the screen shot of the dashboard , grid header and grid data is not in sync when we press tab button in search text box,.

Help is appreciated.


What version of dhtmlxGrid are you using? We cannot reproduce it at the latest version.

We are using v.2.6 build 100722.

Problem confirmed.
As fast workaround - add the next code to the grid’s init

mygrid.hdrBox.onscroll= function(){ mygrid.objBox.scrollLeft = mygrid.hdrBox.scrollLeft; };

Thanks :slight_smile: its resolved.