Header and #text_filter not resizing

In headers that only have #text_filter as a filter, they are not resized. Tested in the pro and free version.

myGrid.setImagePath (“…/…/…/ codebase / imgs /”);
myGrid.setHeader (“# text_filter”, “# text_filter”, “# text_filter”, “# text_filter”);
myGrid.setColumnIds (“col1, col2, col3, col4”);
myGrid.setInitWidths (“70,150,120.80”);
myGrid.setColAlign (“right, left, left, right”);
myGrid.setColTypes (“ed, ed, ed, ed”);
myGrid.setColSorting (“int, str, str, int”);
myGrid.init ();

I also tried to change:
myGrid.setInitWidths (“70, *, 120,80”);
Same result


The problem is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in the next dhtmlxGrid update.