Header Menu w Frozen Columns

If you have frozen columns the header menu works incorrectly.
Also the freezing columns will not work if the browser is detected in compatibility mode.

The images I am providing go with the following grid setup…

    gridMain = new dhtmlXGridObject('entryGridLD');
    gridMain.attachEvent("onBeforeContextMenu", contextMenuOpen);
    gridMain.attachEvent("onCheck", gridCheckChange);
    gridMain.attachEvent("onEditCell", gridCellEdited);
    if (browserMode != 'Compat Mode' && browserMode != 'undefined')  gridMain.splitAt(3);
    gridMain.loadXML(xml, function () {

Unfortunately the header menu cannot be applied for the left side of the split.
This issue cannot be fixed.

What about compatibility mode - unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed.
In IE8(9):
Browser mode: IE8(9) compatibility mode
Document mode: IE7 standards.

In the below browser format grid works well.