Header not showing in IE10

The header is not showing up in IE10. Here is my code.

It works with IE9, firefox, Chrome

Any help would be great.

Which version of dhtmlxgrid you are using ?
I have checked the same code with dhtmlxGrid 3.6 and it works in IE10 correctly.

I am using 3.5. I tried 3.6 but it causes the table not to showup so I when back to 3.5

If you are using the separate js files, try to take only dhtmlxcommon.js from version 3.6 ( it will work with other 3.5 files, and in the same time it must be enough to support ie10 )

I tried move just that file and it still did work. What it seams to be is when your in IE10 and document mode is set to Quirks it causes the header to disappear. I beleive the quirks is set be default. Can you think of anything else?

Unfortunately I still can’t reconstruct the issue locally.

If issue still occurs - please provide any kind of sample or a demo link, where problem can be checked.