Height and Width of the cell in dhtmlxgrid

I am completely new to dhtmlxgrid.I need to set the width and height of the cells to show upto 2000 characters.Can anyone suggest me how to do this one?.

you can set the width of your columns using:

this will set column width in px for the first two columns in the grid (just add values for additional columns)

you can use the multiline mode to enable word wrapping within cells -
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … emultiline

With IE8 I had the problem that I got js errors when not setting widths for all columns.
Needed quite some time to find the problem :confused:
Just so you know…

To set the width of the cell you may use setInitWidths() method.

Also you should enable multiline content for a cell to make the cell’s height to increase accordingly to it’s content:

To fix the height of the cells for all grid you may try to use css:

div.gridbox table.row20px tr td{
height: 40px