Height automatically increase while opening/closing node


I’m using a treegrid and when i open or close a node, the height of the grid automatically increase of 1 pixel. It appears only with auto height activated.
My navigator is IE6, i d’ont have the problem on Firefox.
Version of dhtmlx is 2.5 build 91111, pro version.

Is it a known problem ? is there another solution than change the browser ?

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Most probably it caused by some custom styles on the page which affect height of the grid’s row.
If it possible - provide a link to the demo page ( you can pm me the details )

Unfortunatly it’s not possible to give you an url where you can call the page.

In fact we modifiy the style of the

in the stylesheet for the grid. In this case, is there a method to avoid this modification oh height ?
I tried to set the awaited height using this : mygrid.setAwaitedRowHeight(20);
But it didn’t work.
I’ll try to remove all style modification on height of and .

Have you any idea ?

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I removed all stylesheet and the problem has been inverted : when i open or close a node, the height descrease of 1 pixel…
I will put only half of the style-sheet to have an offset of 0 pixel. I hope my number of stylesheet is even… :wink:

Seriously, my problem is still there.
This is my

<div id="gridbox" style="width:500px; max-height:300px; height: 300px; border-bottom:1px solid #000000; background-color:white;overflow:hidden;"></div>

And the javascript to initialize component :

[code]mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘gridbox’,“100%”,“100%”,0);
mygrid.imgURL = “./webresources/2.6.101011/dhtmlxGrid/imgs/”;

mygrid.enableAutoHeight(false, 350, false); // mettre une valeur max pour forcer l'affchage de X ligne


Hope you’ll have an idea during this week-end.

setAwaitedHeight doesn’t affect row’s height, so it will not help.
It hard to suggest anything without checking the sample.

As alternative you can try to grab gpl version of dhtmlx suite 3.5 from the site and check the problem with it. It quite possible that issue will be fixed in latest version of the code.