Height of combo list


I have 2 combobox and wanna change either of them of height. I examined this in Firefox with Firebug and realised that there are 2 dhx_combo_list after body so i cant change css.

Regads, MiB

You can access list of options and change its height as


And how can i change display to none, i tryed this -> DOMlist.style.display = “none”; but nothing happened

The code of component use style.display as well for hiding|showing list of options, so any code in combo which trigger combo opening will restore normal display style.

I set height to null(DOMlist.style.height = “0”:wink: but there is a black line what i wanna remove. Thats why I wanted to set display to none. I attached a picture where u can see that!

The black line is a border around the container.
You can try to use