Height of each day in Month View


I initialize the calendar with a set of data, but users can also filter the data. After applying a filter and removing some of the events, the day height in the Month View remain the same as before. Please see the attached image. How can the view height be resized after reseting the data in the calendar?



I am sorry, didn’t get it. What would you like to resize after events were filtered?

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after reseting the data in the calendar?
Also, which kind of logic you are using to reset the data in the calendar ?


I’m doing this;

scheduler.init("scheduler_here", scheduler.getState().date, scheduler.getState().mode);

Please don’t ask me why I’m doing the init() call :slight_smile: . I’m calling all this code from the server throw wicket, but servoy does this for me. I’m using servoy to develop the web solution and this was the only way to refresh the data in the calendar when it is redisplayed or when I change the data. Although sometimes I have reports from the clients that the calendar disappear.

If you have any other suggestions here they are most welcome!

Thanks a lot for your help!

Calling scheduler.init multiple times can result in different issues, but I don’t see how it can lead to the situation, as on your screen shot. ( if widget reloads area with scheduler’s html code - it may be necessary, and less dangerous, but it will be good to avoid those calls for cases when only data is reloaded )

Do you have any public demo , where issue can be checked?