Height of ressource in timeline

I have a problem with the heoght of a ressource in the timeline view.
In my view a single ressource has 5 events that begin at the same time.
The event are showing in list, each over the following.
The problem is that the height of the ressource don’t extend when there is not enough space for the ressource.
As I have a little problem with some css classes, I can saw that there are displayed but in fact hide by the div of the next ressource calendar information.

Is there any way to ask the scheduler to stretch the ressource height or to have some kind of scroll bar for the ressource ?
Is there anything else wrong ? (I know that I have modified the standard event height ressource, so It might imply some other change in the timeline view that I am not aware of)



Indeed for now it’s possible to control height of all sections at once, not only specific ones.

scheduler.createTimelineView({ name: "matrix", x_unit: "day", x_date: "%d %M", x_step: 1, x_size: 15, y_unit:[ {key:1, label:"Elizabeth Taylor"}, {key:2, label:"Linda Brown"}, {key:3, label:"George Lucas"}, {key:4, label:"John Williams"} ], y_property:"section_id", dy: 60 });
dy property here.

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So if there are a lot of events on one ressource at the same time, there are no way to show the user that some events are hidden due to the lack of space ???
or is there a way to count the number of event at the same time so i can define the height of the timeline view so it will display correctly ? (that would not be a great way as it could be an only ressource that have lot of events and not the others.

Is there a way to display a scroll bar for a single ressource in the timeline (so it would have the same height as he others but I would be able to scroll between events) ? if not, is it planned to do so in the future ?



Unfortunately it would be quite complex and there is no implemented solution for now.

It’s possible to add scrollbar though it will look a bit strange:

.dhx_matrix_line { background-color: white; overflow-x: hidden; overflow-y: auto; }
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