Height of tabs?

I´m using tabbar with the “silver” theme. How do I adjust the height of the tabs (buttons) and is it possible to change the padding between them?



It is possible to set tab height in the 3rd parameter of dhtmlXTabBar constructor:

var tabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar(“mytabbar”,“top”,40);

The maximum height is 40

This is what I have in my configuration… and the 40 doesn’t make a difference if it is 10 or 40… what is wrong?

tabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar("tab_container", "top",40); tabbar.setSkin(dhtmlx.skin); tabbar.enableAutoReSize(true); tabbar.setImagePath(dhtmlx.image_path); tabbar.addTab("tab1", tab1, "200px"); tabbar.addTab("tab2", tab2, "200px"); tabbar.addTab("tab3", tab3, "200px"); tabbar.addTab("tab4", tab4, "200px"); tabbar.addTab("tab5", tab5, "200px");

Some skins like dhx_skyblue have fixed tab height. However, you may change the height for the tabbar with default skin.