height resize on various component


I’m having trouble with height resizing. I’m trying to resize various dhtmlx component when user resizes his window.

On my page, I have at the top a fix banner which is not supposed to resize, below that, I have a dhtmlxTabbar, in the Tabbar there is a dhtmlxAccordion component, and finally some grid in the accordion.

I’m trying to have all this component to fit the window’s height. I kinda manage to resize the dhtmlxTabbar using dynamical resizing (on the onResize Event of body tag), but it’s seems impossible getting the accordion to stick at the tabbar. I can’t do anything to adjust initial position of the accordion.

Did someone try to do something similar?

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Are you using dhtmlxSuite 2.5 or earlier version?
Starting from version 2.5 tabbar provides the same component attaching functionality as accordion, so you can just put the accordion inside tabbar, and any change in tabbar’s sizes will be reflected by attached accordion.
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … nside.html

Unfortunately, I’m currently using an earlier version (2.0).

Is there anyway to do something similar with an earlier version?

You can try to use the approach mentioned in the following post (attachAccordion instead of attachGrid should be here):

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/inde … 51&a=18047