I’m using Dynamic Loading with treegrid.kidsXmlFile=url, it works fine.

I cannot find an event fired on row opening (to use for example mygrid.load(url) method).

What I am trying to achieve is that whenever a row is attempted to open, based on some condition I want to let it go through with the kidsXML behavior or reject that flow and do something else.

I have tried the onOpenStart event which captures and fires correctly but is showing a strange behavior where even if the method is returning true, the kidsXmlFile behavior doesn’t kickoff.

function doOnOpenStart(id,state,grid,gridConfig){
	var hasSubgrid = grid.getRowAttribute(id,"ungroupedKids");
			return false;
	return true;

What could be the reason or am I doing something wrong?

(I use the pro version)

please, try to use the onDynXls event.