help- days' captions in hebrew are in reveresed order.

I have installed the extensions in my Hebrew Joomla site.
It appears in Hebrew right away. all captions and headers are translated correctly.
But - the order of the days in the header is reversed.
i.e the dates are increasing from right to left, but the days names are decreasing from right to left.
also there is a shift of 1 day.
description of header captions and first line of dates ( February- translated to English):
Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday : Saturday : Sunday
06 : 05 : 04 : 03 : 02 : 01 : 31
Thanks in advance for your help

You can try to edit the


   <div id=\"scheduler_here\"

and replace with

  <div id=\"scheduler_here\"  direction=\"ltr\"  

Thanks for the prompt response, but it didn’t work.
I have to add - I did not use any locale Hebrew - just installed the component and it appeared in (good) Hebrew.
Maybe you can point out to the file in which the the array of Hebrew weekdays resides. I think that reversing the order of the names will do.
Thanks in advance. The extension looks great.

just installed the component and it appeared in (good) Hebrew.

Translation is stored in
but it is just a text translation, it must not affect order of days or any other elements

If issue still occurs - can you provide a link to the page where it can be checked?