Help - find month

I need to find the exact point on the file “dhtmlxscheduler.js” that makes exact change of the month.
For example, to find when I click on the buttons below, where I get the current month and the new month:

  • dhx_cal_prev_button,
  • dhx_cal_next_button,
  • month_tab,
  • week_tab,
  • day_tab or
    Some date from the calendar dhx_minical_icon or prev_button inside…

I tried in the end of:

if (ndate.getMonth() != date.getMonth()) {

but only works for the button dhx_cal_prev_button.

Please explain what are you trying to achive, then it will be easier to give you a helpfull answer
As for the date functions, there are and methods[code]//, increment, mode);
var date = new Date(2013, 4, 15);//15th July, 1, “month”);//returns 15th August

var date = new Date(2013, 4, 15);//15th July
date =;//returns 1st July[/code]