Help! How to attach toolbar on window

How to attach toolbar on a window instance?

var winx = new dhx.Window({
 title: 'Test',
 modal: true,
 width: 800,
 height: 420

var toolbar = new dhx.Toolbar(null);[
        type: "button",
        icon: "dxi-plus",
        value: "new"
        type: "button",
        icon: "dxi-folder-open",
        value: "close"


How to proper attach toolbar in window like in V5?

June 2, 2020 6:48 AM (Europe: Paris), June 1, 2020 9:48 PM (America: Los Angeles)

Your code works correctly, see snippet:

Note that Window header and footer are already toolbars, you may add buttons to them. See example:

and doc article:

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