[HELP]Limit view TimeLine


Sorry, if i posted in wrong place :blush:

So, i’m using a Time Line and i need view only a all days of week. I don’t need view a full month and a full year, i just need navigate in all Days of week(sun,mon…).

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what i have:

What I Need:

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Sorry, i don’t know edit post, so:
Correc Pictures:

What i have:

What i need:

this is the “timeline_date” template
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … plate.html

scheduler.templates.timeline_date = function(date1, date2){ var formatFunc = scheduler.date.date_to_str("%l"); if (date1.getDay()==date2.getDay() && date2-date1<(24*60*60*1000)){ return formatFunc(date1); } return formatFunc(date1)+" &ndash; "+formatFunc(date2); };

did not understand how to solve my problem using this function :cry:

But, Thanks for help-me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I do not want to see the days of the month, days of the year or years. I just want to see the days of the week and their schedule, something fixed, do not want to display date. :cry: :cry:

insert this method in your code before “scheduler.init()” method.

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But, friend.

Would somehow “catch” the display in only 1 week of any month? ie, blocking the view from the navigation menu, when you arrive on Sunday or on Monday.

you can prevent navigation using “onBeforeViewChange” event returning “false”
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … event.html

What exactly do you mean under “catch the display in only 1 week of any month”?


II’ve got, I used this function:

cheduler.config.limit_start = new Date(2014, 6, 1);
scheduler.config.limit_end = new Date(2014, 6, 8);
scheduler.config.limit_view = true;

But my page is broken, because I do not know how to configure a TimeLineView I need to see a scale with step 10 minutes, and each page would display a period of 5 hours, so I used the function as follows: scheduler.createTimelineView ({
name: “timeline”
x_unit: “minute”,
x_date “% H:% i”
x_step: 10, / / 10 minutes
x_size: 30, / / 1 = 10minutes; 30 = 5hours
x_start: 0, / / start on midnight (00:00)
x_length: 30, / / i do not know configure this
y_unit: sections,
y_property “section_id”
render: “bar”

this does not work, click the button next to the display, break schedules, know how to help me?

we can confirm the issue. When limit_view is used with the timeline and it is scrolled within a day (+/- 5 hours, as in the demo), the navigation freezes. We’ll try to get a fix ASAP. Will be attached to this topic.

Thank you very much man,

I need it :frowning: :frowning:

I need a limit view of 7 days, and a time step 10 minutes, and x_size 25 or less, i can’t :cry: , because by clicking on the arrow navigation does not appear the following hours of the same day, and navigation is locking

Please Help Me :cry: :cry: