Help !! Loading Screen for Single Combos loading lagre data.

Hi Dhtmlx Team,

I am dhtmlX and this forum…So please pardon me my mistakes… :slight_smile:

Problem :

I am developing an ERP software and it Collects large amount of data !

for a single page I use multiple combos and all are linked one to another…
so when i selected a combo value it get passed to the server and fetch data to be loaded into next combo… so for this it takes time to get loaded… (ie. to get fill the 2nd combo)
that time user is unaware of whats happening… and when he tries to click/select value from next combo there won’t be any value… So to avoid confusion I would like to add a loading image on the side of combo in which data is loading !

In a Single form I use around 5 - 9 combos and have to show some message while data get loaded into each combo correspondingly.

Is there any solution or suggestion for this ? Looking forward for your ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Attach simple demo.

how can I attach Simple Demo?
Write the codes again and post as Zipped file?
Sorry I don’t know how to :cry: … pport.html

Thank you ! I really Appreciate your great Efforts… But my Example contains database connection… So how Can I?

Do you use … event.html ?

Can you replace database by something different?


please send your direct link to