HELP! :: loadNext() with dhx.proxy

Hi! how to use loadNext function while using dhx.proxy as url in list?

Code snippet::
this.clientSource = new dhx.proxy({
url: innowave.base_url + “index.php/client/info_mobile”,

dhx.ui( {
view: “list”,
id: “client_list”,
url: this.clientSource,
datatype: “json”,
type: “client_list”,
select: true

here is my code for next ::

$$(‘client_list’).loadNext(20, ( - 1) * 20);
$$(‘pagelabel’).setValue("Page " +;

can someone help me here… I got an error while using loadNext()

ERROR :: TypeError: url.indexOf is not a function
touchui_debug.js (line 3298)

thanks! :smiley:


unfortunately, there is not possibility to use proxy with dynamic loading. The idea of proxy usage is offline support, when previously loaded datasource is restored from localStorage . And loadNext loads data on demand. So, first time a user can load only one page. And next time there could be 100 required pages in case of offline mode.

You can use the following approach instead of dynamic loading:

  • load all data into the list
  • filter data and display only those records that correspond chosen page.