Help needed for using enableAlterCss.

According to the API, we can use enableAlterCss to set different css for each level in the grid. We tried with following calls. Both didn’t work. What we trying to do is to set different color for each level in the grid. Is there a way to do that?

enableAlterCss(“even”, “uneven”, “true”)


enableAlterCss(“even”, “uneven”, “true”, “true”)

FYI: enableAlterCss(“even”, “uneven”) works for altering rows

set different css for each level in the grid

This functionality works for treeGrid only , and was pretty unclear in last released version of ghtmlxTreeGrid, please contact us at and provide your ref number - we will send you latest code where functionality works much stable.

Correct syntax is

In existing version to force correct coloring you need to have next line