[Help] Step by Step: How to implement Java export to excel

Please! I need a “How to configurate” step by step, just like [url]Start DHTMLX Docs but for JSP/Java.
I cant get the server side correct configuration and I dont know how to call it…

Yes, I need a “for dummies” explanation…

Thank for helping…!

you should just download grid-excel-java war package and deploy it at your server:
Please, have a look about how to deploy information in the internet. Deployment process depends of used server.

When project is depolyed at server you will have export url (for me it’s localhost:8080/grid-excel-java/generate). You should include ext/dhtmlxgrid_export.js (you may find it in dhtmlxGrid package: codebase/ext/dhtmlxgrid_export.js) and add the follow code at page:

<input type="button" value="Excel" onclick="mygrid.toExcel('http://localhost:8080/grid-excel-java/generate')" />

After that grid should be exported.

Thanks a lot! It was so much useful!