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I’m an academic (in the biomedical sciences) hoping to incorporate the slider tool on some course feedback forms. Rather than using a drop down menu or radio buttons to state “Unsatisfactory/Adequate/Good/Excellent” etc. I thought it’d be fun to see what students would enter if they had free rein with a 0-100 value slider. I can do forms and email the results etc.

In theory so far so good.

But, try as I have, I can’t get the slider to work. I have been trying to get all the files into a single folder - but what files do I need? I only need a single and minimum configuration with the default slider.

Further, there are various initialisation options but I’m not sure which I should use (and I suspect I am trying to use bits and pieces from various…)

I should mention that I have very basic experience of HTML and javascript but… well, you can figure it out (no - I can’t even copy and paste the sample into Coda and get it to function…)

Any assistance gratefully received.

Cheers from Edinburgh.


See here: … init2.html
There is a structure under the sample:

You need modify it a little:

var slider = new dhtmlxSlider("sliderBox", { skin: "dhx_skyblue", min: 0, max: 100, step: 1, size: 400, vertical: false; }); slider.init();

Easy way for you is download slider from here: …

And try to do changes i’ve put below in the file
Then you can rename it and replace some pathes.

Files you need fo get it work are the next:

Look for the pathes and get a result! :slight_smile:

Thanks Darya… I’m on my way with a working slider!

Lots still to explore but over the initial learning curve.

I’m looking forward to getting into dhtmlx - from what I’ve seen so far its very impressive. I’ll need to check licences at some stage.

Again, many thanks.


You are welcome!
Just try it :slight_smile: