Help with combo integration in dhtmlxGrid

I am trying to create a grid that has a combobox in the rows.
I know that the combo eXcell type is available in the PRO versionbut i want to use the standard version and create an eXcell of my own.

But i am unable to do it by following your examples in the documentation.
I am able to get an html select box using html but then the selected value does not get parsed.
Also, i need the filtering capability of the combobox in my column.

Can you please help with how should i proceed.
I am currently following the last example on this page … le_excells

okay I was able to create a simple html select box in the custom excell but it still does not have the filtering capability. :frowning:
How can i convert this html select box to a dhtmlxcombo?
The function dhtmlXComboFromSelect does not work here.