Help with onclick

Here is my code:

Digicontacts V4.0
      html, body {
	width: 100%;
	height: 100%;
	overflow: hidden;
	margin: 0px;
	background-color: #EBEBEB;

 var myLayout, myTree, myGrid, myFolders, myMenu, myToolbar, myScheduler;
 var gl_view_type = "dlist";
 var gl_view_bg = "";
 function doOnLoad(){
      myLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body, "3J");		
	  str = [
	{ type:"button" , name:"form_button_1", label:"Calendrier", value:"Calendrier", width:"150", inputWidth:"150", inputHeight:"21", labelLeft:"-10", labelTop:"-10", inputLeft:"-10", inputTop:"-10", position:"absolute"  },
	{ type:"button" , name:"form_button_2", label:"Mes messages", value:"Mes messages", width:"150", inputWidth:"150", inputHeight:"21", labelLeft:"-10", labelTop:"-10", inputLeft:"-10", inputTop:"15", position:"absolute"  },
	{ type:"button" , name:"form_button_3", label:"Mes fichiers", value:"Mes fichiers", width:"150", inputWidth:"150", inputHeight:"21", labelLeft:"-10", labelTop:"-10", inputLeft:"-10", inputTop:"40", position:"absolute"  }
	  myTree = myLayout.cells("c").attachTree();

I would like to know how to hide myTree default, and when I click on the Calendar button opens myTree in myLayout “c”.
Sorry to write but I’m French and I do not speak English too.
Thank you in advance for your help

You may collapse “c” cell:

myTree = myLayout.cells(“c”).attachTree();


When the calendar clicked, you need to call myLayout.cells(“a”).expand();

Collapsed layout cell can be opened by clicking on its header. If you want to avoid this, you may set onExpand event that will collapse “c” if it is needed:

var locked = true;
dhxLayout.attachEvent(“onExpand”, function(){

Thank you for your help it’s very nice of you.
I would like you to show me the exact code I must write because I do not really understand what you told me to do.
Again thank you for your help.

[code]/This is snippet of your code:/

myTree = myLayout.cells(“c”).attachTree();

/* And after it you should add the following code to close the cell with Tree:*/


/To keep the cell collapsed when a user clicks on its header you may set onExpand event/

var locked = true;
myLayout.attachEvent(“onExpand”, function(){

thank you for your precious help but worry is that I want my page to load completely but without loading the contents of the box “c”.
Then when I press I want to load schedule:
myTree myLayout.cells = (“c”). attachTree ();
myTree.setImagePath (“codebase / imgs /”);
myTree.loadXML (‘dhtmlxTree/samples/04_dataprocessor/php/get.php’);

So I think my concern is that I create buttons that are not good if you have an idea how I can create three button that when you click on it it filled my cell “c” with a "tree "or otherwise.
Again sorry for my bad English

You may attach our toolbar with the necessary set of button to a layout cell: … olbar.html