HELP ! Wordpress home page changed after installation !!!


I installed today this very nice extension… But… it broke my Web site !

The home page of my site used to be a Wordpress “page” (not a post), but now it displays a post as the first page, and there is no way to get my page back as the home page. :cry:

I’m not a WordPress expert, but seeing the high level of technical discussion here, it should be easy for you to point me to the changes to do ! :smiley:

Thanks for your help !

A bit more information on my problem :

  • I use WP 3.0.1 and Event Calendar / Scheduler v2.0
  • When I deactivate the extension, my normal home page is back
  • If I re-activate, it’s gone !

Thanks for your help !


Try updating plugin to latest version:

If error still occurs even in the latest version, try executing SQL-query:

SELECT ID, post_title, post_content FROM wp_posts WHERE ID=(SELECT option_value FROM wp_options WHERE option_name='page_on_front');

Does it return your homepage title and content or some other page?

Best regards,

Ilya, you are my hero !! :smiley:

Indeed it works now : I have unzipped the new release and replaced the old event-calendar-scheduler directory by the new one.

The plugin is still recognized by WordPress as v2.0, and the first admin setup was a bit messy, but apparently it works now ! :slight_smile:

I didn’t even have to hack the database by hand.
Thanks again !