Heterogeneous columns spanning in a grid

I need to have a grid with 3 columns: Expression, Parameters, and a column for a delete button

Under Parameters, you can have 1-N spanned cells of different excel types, depending on the row.

For example, one row may be:

Expression Parameters Delete
Expression 1 P1(calendar) P2(text) P3(boolean) P4(combo) X
Expression 2 P1(text) X
Expression 3 P1(text) P2(combo) X

How can I render this with XML?

When returning the XML, I can put in different types on the tags (eg, “co”, “ed”, “ro”, etc), and this works properly, however, I can’t get them all to be under the “Parameters” column.

Any advice?

Grid cell may have only one type. Alternatively you can create custom eXcell type docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … l_creation