Hi! m trying to post you this set of questions agai


I’m trying to post you this set of questions again, because you did not reply for that yet. I hope, that you did not ban me from asking, or something, so please reply for me as soon as you can:

Thank you for your answer, and excuse me if i was a bit offending. Anyway, your answer was a little bit general, and I think we had some misunderstanding to each other, so I would like to reply for it and i have some new questions for you, and try to show examples where we faced problems:

At first, about htmlXCommon.js. Yeah, I thought, that you will advise this, but my problem was basically, that if i want to get the latest version of the common library, i have to download all the packeges, and play chess with files, because there is no version information anywhere about the common library, so I think, it would be good, if you could place a download link to the latest htmlXCommon.js onto your site.

“Basically dhtmlxCommon.js from ANY latest package will work with ALL components"
Replying to this part of your answer, one of my problem was, that dhtmlXGrid was NOT working with any of the Common libraries, only the one which was in the Grid package, so i had to include the Grid’s Common Library into my code to set all components working, but I still don’t know, if it was the latest one or not, (because there is no version information in it).
And what then, if the latest version is in the htmlXMenu package, but I don’t download it, because I need only the three others ?.. So i would like to ask you, please make the latest Common library available independently on your website with version information.

The second problem of mine was with the versions. You said, that the components are not finished yet, and you are working a lot on them yet.
I have validated the CSS code in Mozilla’s CSS Validator, and Browser Validator as well, and it came out, that there are some alignement elements ( fe. absmiddle ), and other rules as well, (38 errors in 3 widgets) whose are not supported by IE 5, 5.5, 6.0, and so on, or they contain value or parse error. Part of them are not important, because they are only effect properties, and other parts of them are hacks as i saw, but some parts are causing bad displaying in different browsers, mainly in IE 5.0 or 6.0, if some additional css styles are applied for them. I know, that it is very hard to overwrite a complex set of css rules. But I can customize or change your default CSSs, if I can’t solve something, but what, if you make a refresh in one of your packeges? Then I have to overwrite my work with your update, and has to start the testing, and repairing over again. In this case, I would like to ask you, how often do you use to update the packeges, and how does the customer support works, because if we buy the professional edition, we would need proper and fast repairs and patches for the widgets. We want to use your stuff in a bigger environment, and if we have to hack the widgets all the time in case of an update, it causes very much headaches.

”- Not only the source code, but the documentations are very messy, however, they are well edited and useful, but there are a lot of problems in those…"
“Please post your suggestion how existing documentation can be improved"

Your documentation is good, and I like it, but I didn’t find some solutions for problems neither in the doc, nor in the examples, and you have some errors in it, I think you should look after it and correct it, but it’s just something I wanted you to know about.
Besides, you didn’t answer for my question, that what’s up with the setIconSize(w, h) function, or the csh_vista skin folder, because they are not working, and missing from the package, however they are in the documentation and in the examples?
“There is a way to set icon size for the whole tree or each node using script or xml:
Script syntax:
tree.setIconSize(w,h);  //set global icon size
tree.setIconSize(w,h,itemId)  //set icon size for particular item”

(js debugger says: no such function: setIconSize())

And I don’t know if there are more missing functions and stuff, maybe yes, maybe no, and it’s only some tough luck, that I couldn’t use this documented function?!

”- Our main problem was that none of the examples, or the source code on your home page, or the docs file shows the same solution for an issue.
The component is flexible and can be configured in many different ways, I really don’t see why we need to use the same initialization in all samples, any of shown initizations are valid and can be used in real code."

Sorry, but we didn’t experienced this. The problem was, that we had to cut the parts together, and look into a lot of examples to make a widget work, and load properly… because fe. one of the examples used the init() function, which killed the widget, and it did not work if this function was called. In an other example, a not existing .xml was referred, and in a third one, the loading of the widget in the way it was described, did not work…
In the first times we experienced much trouble to make the widgets work, because as I copied the example codes and set the referred js, css, xml files in the good place, it did not work for a long time. We browsed over the 4-5 examples and also the documentation to make f.e. the Grid work properly… That’s why i said, that those examples wasn’t clear and very good, however, we could find out what to do, but it took a long time :frowning:.

About browser compatibility I talked about the IE6.0 problems, and I have to say again, in IE 5.0 none of the widgets were shown, only an empty tree, however on the products page this was displayed everywhere: “IE 5.x and above”. You wrote the exact compatibility in your answer, and it is alright, but i would like to ask you, will they be compatible later with at least earlier IE’s and Mozilla’s, or not? We have to know, what requirements we have to specify, if we want to use the tools. However, as you read, the IE6.0 CSS problem is not solved, and I don’t know what to do about it. Do you have a good idea, what should we do?

"I’m not sure what do you  mean “compatibility between components”, because all dhtmlx component can work with each other ( basically , because they doesn’t extend base objects, and don’t use global variables - they must be compatible with most JS frameworks around ) The standard set doesn’t provide any way to comunicate with DB ( except loading from XML stream ), the pro version contains a simple extension ( dataProcessor ) which allows to sync view with DB"

I would like to ask what does it mean in the field work? We plan to use the widgets with postgresql and php-smarty in the background. Do you think, that professional edition will be able to work with these technologies well?

"we found the dhtmlX components very complicated and problematic to develop with.:frowning:
"Our lines of products is not “silver bullet”, it just allow to safe your time on UI development, but to implement some complex functionality in your specific way you still need custom coding."

It is alright, but as I asked before, we would like to buy professional packages, but we would like to be sure, that your support works good. Because if I change the code of your widgets, and you make your own updates paralelly, how am I supposed to upgrade my own copy with your update, and not to lose or overwrite my own custom solutions ?

Another question: is there some references about how to format and set up the xml files exactly for the widgets?

As I work with the widgets, it cleared out, that if I make some changes in my code (fe: in the menu, or in the tabs), and try to have a look at the changes in the browser, it did not change, only if i clear the cache. Is there any function or solution to refresh the content of the widgets, if they are changed? As I experienced the xml files were loaded well, if they changed, but not the loaded htmls in the Tabbar, or the look of the Tree.

Also you didn’t answered my questioin, what’s up with the error handling, and do you plan to make some updates in this field, or not?

Thank you for your answer beforehand,