Hidden columns show up in the header


  1. Create a grid and hide some columns in the configuration.
  2. Generate the grid or load the html page with grid.
  3. In the generated grid, find any column adjacent to the hidden column, sort it, then try widening a column that is located on the left of the hidden column.
  4. Notice that the hidden column’s header will show when attempting to widen the adjacent column.
  5. It takes some time to reproduce, you will have to play a lot with sorting and widening the adjacent columns.

I don’t have the support account now. But, did prove this in a video and it was an accepted bug.(Attaching screenshot of the messages exchanged at that time).

Was wondering if this has been fixed in the latest release or not.

At least, I was not able to reproduce this problem in the IE11 currently.

I was able to reproduce it in IE 11 and IE Edge… It’s not easy to reproduce… you have to sort and try to resize the column headers. 1 out of 4 times you will see header of hidden column.

We are on v5.1