hidden some events in all the view

I want to hidden some events when the section_id be equals to someting in the all views.
Use JavaScript is the best.
for example:
How to hidden the events when the section_id is equal to 1 ?
and hidden the units in unit view.

<data> <event id="2"> <start_date><![CDATA[2009-06-30 12:00:00]]></start_date> <end_date><![CDATA[2009-06-30 14:00:00]]></end_date> <text><![CDATA[Section A test]]></text> <section_id>1</section_id> </event> <event id="3"> <start_date><![CDATA[2009-06-30 10:00:00]]></start_date> <end_date><![CDATA[2009-06-30 11:00:00]]></end_date> <text><![CDATA[Section B test]]></text> <section_id>2</section_id> </event> <event id="4"> <start_date><![CDATA[2009-06-30 16:00:00]]></start_date> <end_date><![CDATA[2009-06-30 18:00:00]]></end_date> <text><![CDATA[Section C test]]></text> <section_id>3</section_id> </event> </data>

Like hotmail calendar

Something similar to the next can be used

scheduler.filter_month = scheduler.filter_week = scheduler.filter_day = function(id, obj){ if (obj.section_id == 1 ) return false; return true; }

Thanks.It’s very easy to control.
The dhtmlxscheduler is so good.
And can it control the scheduler.config.lightbox.sections.unit.options in the unit view by the browser users?

What do you mean by control?
You can store reference to the array of options, which is used in lighbox configuration, and later, change it in any way and call


to refresh view with new options set.