hidden="true" not working for an input field.

Hi All,

I have below XML code for my xForm.

<item type=“input” name=“rDuration” label=“Duration” value=“1” numberFormat=" 0 Day" hidden=“true”/>

I’m expecting this input field will not be displayed in browser after xForm’s loadStruct function call. But, it is still displayed even I have set hidden=“true” in my XML. Can ayone enlighten me what is going on?

Thanks in advance.

Hi All,

I have got the answer. You have to use hidden=“1” instead of using hidden=“true”

I hope this small issue can be fixed in the future release.

Ok, thanx, we will fix it.
More you can attach your dhtmlxform.js or dhtmlx.js file and we will fix your one.

Thanks again, it is not a big issue. I can wait for future release.

if it is required, just write.