Hide an event from all but units view

Hi there,

I’ve setup a sort of event sharing functionality, which works as follows:

  1. Person A has a list of events they can delegate to Persons B and C.
  2. Person A clicks on the units view which shows 3 columns:
    i) Unassigned
    ii) Person B
    iii) Person C
    Person A then drags an event from unassigned to Person B.
  3. The event should now disappear from Person A’s “day”, “week”, “month” and “year” views but still appear in the unit view to show it has been assigned.
  4. Person B logs in and can only see the single event they’ve been assigned.

I have the event showing up fine for the Person B. However I can’t seem to restrict the event to appear in just the units view for Person A.

Is it at all possible to hide an event from every view except the “units” view? If so how might I be able to accomplish this.


you can set up event filtering for different view of your scheduler. For example:

scheduler.filter_my_unit_view = function(id, event){ //some_other code }

Thanks works perfectly!