Hide and show column does not work with new Opera 10.60


it seems, that the new JS engine of Opera 10.60 doesn’t work properly with the hide & show columns function in DHTMLX Grid/TreeGrid.

If you hide a column the column header is still there.
In the screenshot I’ve hide the first 4 columns, the headers are still there.
I was using the standard examples which came with the suite.
The same happens in the webapp I’ve developped.

Is there a workaround or a fix available?


What version of dhtmlxGrid are you using? Do you able to reproduce this issue here dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … olumn.html ?


yes I can confirm, that the same happens with the linked website you gave me.
Still using the Opera 10.60.

My DHTMLX suite version is a older one from mid-2009. But as you can see in the screenshot, the same happens with the new version on the DHTMLX Website.

In the screenshot I removed multiple columns, but the headers are not removed.
This bug only happens in the new Opera with its new JS engine. Older Opera (10.54) work fine.

This issue confirmed. It seems Opera bug. As a work around try to add following code after grid initialization:

if (_isOpera){
mygrid.hdr.style.tableLayout = “auto”;
mygrid.obj.style.tableLayout = “auto”;