Hide column doesn't hide the header column in IE 7

Hi guys,
I have a problem in IE 7, when I hide a columns, the Header still showing, in IE8 works fine.

gddesc.setColumnHidden(1, true);

Is it a Bug or I’m doing something wron?

Unfortunately issue can’t be reconstructed locally.

If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed.

Hi Guys,

I’m seeing the same thing. I have an unusual situation in that my code is running on a domain which is being served in compatibility mode and I am having to force IE8 with a meta tag.

Any pointers would be appreciated. At this stage it looks like I cannot go live with the grid.

Try to add the next code line on the page ( before grid’s init )

if (_isIE)  _isIE=true;

It will force IE7 mode , for any version of IE ( which is a good thing in case of compatibility mode ) and must resolve any compatibility-mode related issues

Hi Guys,

We too are experiencing the same issue and wondered if there is any resolution to this yet? I’ve tried the suggestion above (adding if (_isIE) _isIE=true; ) however this doesnt seem to have any effect.

isnt this statement just saying if (_isIE==true) _isIE=true; i.e it wont change anything because _isIE is already true?

any help would be greatly appreciated.



In case of latest grid, such code only necessary if you using IE in non standard mode
( browser mode IE8, document mode IE7 for example ) , which can be set only through dev. tools.

In case of normal compatibility mode - such issue must not appear.
If you are enforcing compatibility mode through meta tag, be sure to set browser as “document mode IE7, browser mode ie7” - which is the same settings, as after clicking on compatibility icon in the browser.