hide column problems


we have a grid with several columns and have a menu bar which allows the user to show/hide any column they want.

however there is a bug appearing when we try to show / hide a column. this is the error (also the columns then do not appear level with the headers and the grid looks a mess):

this.rowsAr[i].childNodes[ind].style is undefined

collapseAll()(3, “none”)dhtmlXTreeGrid.js (line 50)

_hideShowColumn()(3, “none”)dhtmlxgrid.js (line 409)

setColumnHidden()(3, true)dhtmlxgrid.js (line 391)

showHideDoctorColumns(“titleColumn”, true, false)index.cfm (line 1963)

_renderSeparator()()dhtmlxmenu.js (line 37)

_renderSeparator()(“oncheckboxclick”, [“titleColumn”, true, false 0=titleColumn 1=true 2=false])dhtmlxmenu.js (line 37)

_countPolygonItems()(“titleColumn”, “–n”)dhtmlxmenu.js (line 25)

_renderToplevelItem()(click clientX=277, clientY=407)dhtmlxmenu.js (line 35)

[Break on this error] this.rowsAr[i].childNodes[ind].style.di…=“blank”;//©dhtmlx ltd. www.dhtmlx.com

do you know why this would occur


What version of dhtmlxTreeGrid do you use? Could you please provide any kind of sample where we can reproduce this issue (you can send it directly to the support@dhtmlx.com).

Also to prevent header’s mess you can add following code to the code init:

if (!_isFF) return;